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About Loyalty Points Program

About Loyalty Points Program

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Let us REWARD you for staying at your favourite Canad Inns Destination Centre.

Your Canad Inns Loyalty Card earns ONE POINT for EVERY DOLLAR you or your employees spend and lets them redeem their points on future stays. Food, beverages, room stays or rentals… any time they spend a dollar in our hotels you earn a point towards your next stay.

It is a simple and rewarding way for us to thank you for your loyalty.

Our loyalty points program is unique, as the program has been designed to include the participation of “Organizations” (Companies, Non-profit organizations, sports groups, etc.) as well as individual members.

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The Organization component provides the following features:

  • Upon activation, the Organization earns ONE LOYALTY POINT for EVERY DOLLAR spent [before taxes & gratuities] on Canad Inns products & services
  • Points are awarded upon confirmation of all paid in full invoices
  • Points are awarded for all Ambassador Banquet & Conference services as well as for the use of guest rooms. [Services provided at standard rates – discounted services do not qualify for loyalty points]
  • Points earned are eligible for redemption on a future event [points earned for an event cannot be redeemed for the same event]
  • Points can be redeemed for the published redemption package and points can be utilized for future Ambassador Banquet & Conference functions. For Ambassador functions, 10 redemption points equals $1.00 credit towards the final invoice of the event
  • The Canad Inns Loyalty Points program terms and conditions also apply for Organizations.

What this means for Organizations is the opportunity to redeem points for a credit on a future event or simply stated, COST SAVINGS!

For example, Company ABC holds a conference utilizing Canad Inns Ambassador Banquet & Conference services. The conference is a combination of meetings and food events involving room rental fees and food & beverage expenditures. Upon the completion of the conference, the final invoice reflects a cost of $32,000 (before taxes & gratuities).

Upon receipt of payment of this invoice by Canad Inns, Company ABC will be awarded 32,000 Canad Inns Loyalty Points for future use.

At a future Ambassador Banquet & Conference event for Company ABC, these 32,000 loyalty points can be redeemed (at the rate of 10 points = $1.00) for a credit in the amount of $3,200, which will be deducted from the final invoice. A cost savings of $3,200!

If Company ABC wishes to utilize the point balance towards guest rooms for representatives, point redemption will be in accordance with our published redemption features (see attachment).

A program administrator will be appointed to handle all communications and the awarding/redemption of loyalty points for your Canad Inns Loyalty Points account.

In order to activate your account, simply complete our sign-up application listing your organization. Upon receipt, your card will be delivered to your office. The loyalty account will then be noted for all future business transactions in order to accrue points from products and services purchased at any of our Canad Inns or Ambassador Banquet & Conference Centre functions at any of our hotels qualify for loyalty point credits.

Please note:
Canad Inns is excited to let you know we will be updating our Loyalty Points Program in January 2016 in order to better service our loyal customers.

Inactive Accounts
As of January 3rd  2016, any Loyalty Points membership account that has been inactive for 36 consecutive months or longer will be deactivated and all points will be permanently deleted and the account will be removed.

Expiry Policy
As of January 3rd  2016, the Canad Inns Loyalty Points program expiry policy will reflect that Loyalty Points will expire 60 months after the date which they were earned.

Loyalty Points not used within this sixty month period will expire and be removed permanently from a member account.  Points are redeemed on a first earned, first redeemed basis.   For example, all Loyalty Points which were received / earned on January 3, 2014 will expire on January 3, 2019, if they have not been used.