FAQs related to donation & sponsorship requests.

My request is not aligned with your focus areas. Can I still apply for sponsorship/support?

Yes. You are welcome to submit a request even if it doesn’t align with our primary focus areas. We receive far more requests than we are able to support, even in our chosen focus areas. As a result, requests that fall outside of our focus areas do not receive the same priority as ones that do.

Are there certain organizations or projects that Canad Inns will not support?

Yes. Canad Inns generally does not…

  • Support fundraising or participatory events such as tournaments and/or dinners, which are not elements of a broader arrangement or partnership with Canad Inns. We offer many different fundraising products and event packages, which compete directly with many others in the market place.
  • Support organizations or programs that do not benefit the communities that Canad Inns serves.
  • Support organizations whose programming or policies may position Canad Inns negatively.
  • Support organizations or programs that do not benefit the community at large.
  • Support advertising in yearbooks, handbooks, journals, event programs or recruitment initiatives that are not a component of a negotiated sponsorship or partnership agreement.
  • Support requests that are for an individual’s personal benefit/gain.
  • Support capital campaigns or endowments.
  • Support memberships.
  • Support organizations that deny service/membership or other involvement on the basis of race, religion, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ancestry, citizenship, veteran or disability status.
  • Support activites or events held outside of Manitoba or Grand Forks, ND.
  • Support trips or excursions.

My request falls under one of the areas Canad Inns does not support. Can I still apply for sponsorship/support?

Yes, please feel free to apply. However, please understand that the majority of requests that fall within our exclusionary criteria will be declined.

My request is aligned with your focus areas and did not fall under any of your exclusionary criteria. Why was it declined?

Canad Inns receives thousands of requests on an annual basis and donates hundreds of thousands of dollars of value in kind and monetary gifts throughout our communities each and every year. The decision to decline your request is in no way a reflection on the value of your proposal or organization.

May I submit my request through other channels such as e-mail, dropping off a donation letter in person or sending it through the mail?

No. Our online application is the only way we accept requests for community investment, donations and sponsorships.

How far in advance do I need to submit my request if it is for a specific event or a campaign with a launch date?

We ask that all requests be submitted at least 60 days in advance of the event or campaign you are seeking support for. Each request is reviewed by a committee; therefore, we need time to ensure all relevant parties have the opportunity to review your request so that we can provide you with a decision well in advance of your deadline.

Do I need to submit a request annually for an event that Canad Inns has supported in the past?

Yes. Sponsorships are not automatically renewed from one year to the next, unless a long-term sponsorship agreement is in place.