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Single origins, blends & exclusives  Discovering your favourite Starbucks coffee begins with an understanding of where they are grown. Below is a list of all our coffees, grouped by the corresponding regions each one falls under.


Latin America

Great balance, medium body and a clean finish.

  • Guatemala Antigua – Elegant and intriguing.
  • House Blend – Our most popular coffee…light and lively.
  • House Blend – Decaf – A well-rounded, lively favourite.
  • Blonde Roast – True North and Willow blend.
  • Breakfast Blend – Flavourful and light with sparkling acidity.



Floral aromas with citrusy exotic flavors.

  • Kenya – Bright citrus notes with deep aroma of fruit and wine.



Full-bodied and earthy with herbal undertones.

  • Komodo Dragon Blend® – Earthy and smooth bodied.
  • Sumatra – Intense, earthy, and aromatic.
  • Sumatra -Decaf – Our most flavourful decaf, bold and earthy.


Dark Roast Blends

Carmelly-sweet and and smoky flavours.

  • Espresso Roast – Dense and caramelly-sweet.
  • Espresso Roast – Decaf – Smooth, sweet and intense.
  • French Roast – Our darkest roast, smoky and intense.
  • Italian Roast – Sturdy and roasty-sweet.


Multi-Region Blends

Superb interplay of aromas and flavours.

  • Caffè Verona® – Full and creamy, with a sweet finish.
  • Caffè Verona® – Decaf – Full and creamy, with a sweet finish.
  • Gold Coast Blend® – A bold blend…rich and sophisticated.
  • Yukon Blend® – Mellow and well-rounded.


Beverages and Food

At Starbucks we source the finest and freshest ingredients and use them to bring you delicious foods that complement our range of coffee.

In our stores, you will find enticing, exciting and tasty offering to enjoy as you snuggle up with your cup of coffee. From pure indulgence to healthy indulgence, for breakfast, lunch, snacks & treats, come into your local Starbucks and enjoy the experience.

Expertly prepared by hand, made with the world’s best coffee and wonderful premium ingredients. Your favorite Starbucks® beverage is waiting for you.

Doing Business in a Different Way

Giving back to communities and the environment. Treating people with respect and dignity. Serving the world’s best coffee. Every day, we demonstrate our beliefs in the guiding principles of our mission statement in the way we do business.

In fact, corporate social responsibility at Starbucks runs deeply throughout our company. Here are some of the commitments we’ve made to do business in a socially-responsible manner.

Starbucks™ Shared Planet™

It’s our commitment to do things that are good to each other and the planet. From the way we buy our coffee, to minimizing our environmental footprint, to being involved in local communities. It’s doing things the way we always have. And it’s using our size for good. And because you support us, Starbucks™ Shared Planet™ is what you are a part of too.


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