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Canad Inns is proud to be Manitoba owned and operated and that pride is reflected in our commitment to our employees, our customers, and the city and province we call home.

At Canad Inns we believe in giving back to the community and participate as both a sponsor and partner in worthy initiatives that contribute to the quality of life in communities in which we serve.

Canad Inns has been, and continues to be, a community minded organization with a tradition of family involvement and a responsible corporate approach. One of the fundamental operating principles key to the success of Canad Inns is a commitment to the local community. Canad Inns has a strong sense of responsibility to each community it operates in. Our community involvement is demonstrated at a local level, as well as in the municipal, provincial and national context. Our individual hotel locations are each firmly established as community enterprises, and offer support to a variety of local worthy causes.

Canad Inns receives thousands of sponsorship requests on an annual basis, and donates hundreds of thousands of dollars of Value In Kind and monetary gifts throughout our communities each and every year.

We devote a portion of our community investment to initiatives that make our communities better places to raise our families, connect with our friends and work with our colleagues. We define our local communities as the places where our employees live and work: Winnipeg, Brandon, Portage la Prairie and Grand Forks. These places are special to us because we make our homes here and we have neighbours we care about. Neighbours who do business with us, and neighbours with whom we do business.

Support Areas of Focus

The following are descriptions of organizations and/or projects Canad Inns generally does not support.

  • Support of fundraising or participatory events such as tournaments, auctions, benefits, dinners or other ticket purchases which are not elements of a broader arrangement or partnership with Canad Inns as we offer several different fundraising products which compete direclty with many others in the market place.
  • Advertising in yearbooks, handbooks, journals, event programs or recruitment initiatives that are not a component of a negotiated sponsorship or partnership agreement.
  • Advocacy or lobbying for narrow or specific interests.
  • Endowments, contingency funds or deficit campaigns.
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion or lifestyle.
  • Private foundations or clubs.
  • Religious or faith-based projects or programs.
  • Requests solely for operating or administrative expenses.
  • Requests solely for travel, accommodation and/or meal expenses.
  • Support for individuals or individual families.

How to Apply

There are three easy steps to apply for Canad Inns community investment support:

  1. Read about Our Focus and our Local Community Support to determine if your organization or project is aligned with our giving guidelines. If not, you may still apply but your request will not fall within our top priority for review and response.
  2. Review What We Do Not Support (i.e., projects and/or groups that are outside our guidelines). If you see that your request falls under one of these headings, it is unlikely that your request will be approved.
  3. Request for Support
    Open our Online Application Form, complete all of the fields and submit. If you are well prepared, it should take you approximately 10 minutes to complete the form.

Questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions About Canad Inns in the Community

Information You Will Require

We will ask you to supply the following information through our online application:

  • Information about your organization including its mission, scope and activities.
  • Contact information so we can reach you for updates and follow-up.
  • Details regarding your request including the specifics of what you are asking for, the purpose, timing, objectives, milestones, etc.

After You Apply, Review Period Guidelines (Please Read Carefully)

After we conduct a preliminary review of your application, we will do our utmost to update you on the status of your request by e-mail within 40 business days / 2 months of your submission.

Due to the large volume of requests we receive each and every week, we are unable to respond to telephone, fax or e-mail inquiries regarding the status of your request.

We thank you for including us in your search and we ask for your understanding and your patience as we manage the multitude of request files.

Fill Out The Online Request Form Now!

This application form is only to be used for requests $5,000 and under!