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My request is not aligned with your focus areas. May I still apply for sponsorship/support?

Yes. While we want to focus on specific issues where we feel we have the most effective partnerships, we will consider other opportunities. However, we receive far more requests than we are able to support, even in our chosen focus areas. As a result, applications that fall outside of our focus areas do not receive the same priority as ones that do.

My request falls under one of the areas you exclude. Can I still apply for sponsorship/support?

Yes, please feel free to apply. However, please understand that the majority of requests that are covered by our exclusionary criteria will be declined.

Why do you have an online application form?

At Canad Inns, we receive a large volume of requests for community investment, donations and sponsorships. For this reason, we have adopted an online application form as it:

  • Reduces our administrative workload. This allows us to review and decide upon requests at a much faster rate. This means you will hear back from us sooner.
  • Provides a single point of entry for all requests. This ensures that your request gets to the right person or department at Canad Inns, giving you confidence that your request is not lost or misdirected and ensuring that you receive a prompt response.
  • Ensures that we have all the information we need to make an informed decision about your request. This eliminates the guesswork that you might have in submitting an effective request for our support. It also guides you through the application process quickly and efficiently.
  • Balances the playing field. Most charitable organizations do not have the resources to undertake sophisticated marketing and fund-raising campaigns. This sometimes puts them at a disadvantage to large, well-funded organizations. Our online application form ensures that requests we receive are judged on their merit, not on their packaging.

May I submit my request through other channels such as e-mail, letter mail or courier?

No. Our online application is the only way we accept requests for community investment, donations and sponsorships. Please see above (“Why do you have an online application form”) to see the reasons why we have chosen this method.

Does an online application form distance Canad Inns from the community?

Definitely not – in fact, it is just the opposite. Our online application form allows us to invest our time and energy in strengthening relationships with our community and charitable partners rather than spending time on administrative tasks. In this way, we have more time to invest in our community and we are better able to add value to the stakeholders and programs in our focus areas.

My request is aligned with your focus areas and did not fall under any of your exclusionary criteria. Why was it declined?

Canad Inns receives far more requests than we are able to support. For this reason, we must decline more requests than we fund – even if those requests are aligned with our focus areas. Rest assured, our decisions are not reflections on the value of your proposal.

My request was declined. May I submit another request?

Yes. However, please be informed that Canad Inns limits any given organization to submitting no more than three requests within a three-month period. Should your organization exceed this limit, subsequent requests will be automatically declined

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