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Canad Inns Foundation Online 50/50

The Canad Inns Foundation was created with community in mind. The purpose of the Canad Inns Foundation is to support our charitable partners and all the good work they do in our communities, both locally and globally.

The Canad Inns Foundation Online 50/50 first launched in 2017 and while raising money for worthy causes, the draw also gives individuals the opportunity to win big! If you’re in Manitoba, you can purchase your 50/50 tickets online from a computer, smartphone or tablet… it’s that easy!

The winner of the 50/50 receives 50% of the jackpot and the other 50% supports the Canad Inns Foundation’s charitable initiatives!


FINAL JACKPOT   ▪️   Draw closed at 11:30 PM on Saturday, March 7, 2020



Recent 50/50 Winners

Gail Latouche

June Thomas

Daniel Bembnista

License # Draw Date Winner Prize
#LGCA-6056-RF-33134 March 7/20 Gail Latouche (Ticket #9100252)
#LGCA-6056-RF-33134 Jan. 18/20 Ticket #9000722
#LGCA-6056-RF-33134 Jan. 17/20 June Thomas (Ticket #8002388)
#LGCA-6056-RF-30383 Nov. 30/19 Daniel Bembnista (Ticket #7001158)
#LGCA-6056-RF-30383 Oct.12/19 Dwight Hargrave (Ticket #6001643)
#LGCA-6056-RF-30383 Aug. 24/19 Kayleigh Hunter (Ticket #5000592)

The information of the 6 most recent Canad Inns Foundation Online 50/50s are presented in the chart above. If you require information on previous draws that is not available in the chart, please contact (204) 697-1495.